About GCYS

Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meetings

Regular and transparent reporting on our activities, operations and performance demonstrates our accountability to our funders, donors, community members, young people and their families. GCYS holds their AGM on the 3rd Tuesday of November each year and everyone is welcome to attend.

If you would like to come, please call GCYS Admin closer to the date to let them know for seating & catering purposes.

Emergency Relief Program

GCYS may be able to help.

The Emergency Relief program provides financial and/or material support to meet the immediate need of people in financial crises. The program is open to all age groups.

With the current outbreak of the COVID- 19 the GCYS will continue to provide services however, we are asking people to make safe choices and to help stop the possible transmission of COVID -19.

Therefore we are asking people not to come into the service and to call us instead where possible.

Current health advice includes social distancing (1.5 metres) and good hygiene practices including regular hand washing with soap. If you need soap we have popped some into our Street Library for easy access – a good book is there too, if you are thinking of staying home.